White Faced Heron Fernbird


The Fernbird is the resident iconic bird of Bushy Point. They are locally common but notorious for being difficult to find. Our private track and boardwalk from our door takes you through the best habitat to see or photograph fernbirds. We give our guests the very best opportunities to get good views of Fernbirds using our knowledge of their behaviour gained in 20 years. Fernbirds can be seen all year but are more difficult in very windy conditions.

Tuis and Bellbirds are resident in varying numbers all year. There are Waxeyes, Fantails and occasional Brown Creeper. NZ Pigeon pass through. The Harrier Hawk roosts in the rushland and White faced Herons in the tall trees. Morepork can be heard at night. The nearby estuary has Spoonbills, Pied Stilts, Oystercatchers, Terns, Kingfishers and Godwits.